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A range of top class services at the best prices

At Car Centre Gorey we provide services for all makes of car and vans. All work is done by qualified mechanics in our state of the art service garage in North Wexford.

We offer basic services such as oil changes, brakes, exhausts, battery replacement and more. We have the tools, equipment and expertise to offer state of the art a professional diagnosis and repair.

DPF Cleaning

At Car Centre Gorey we provide a machine assited DPF cleaning. We are using the best equipment on the market, Carbon Clean.
The cleaning procedure is quick and brings your DPF back to nearly a new condition.

Almost all diesel cars have a Diesel Particular Filtration (DPF) fitted within the exhaust to help reduce the amount of soot released into the atmosphere.
If the car is used for short, low speed journeys, soot can build up in the DPF blocking the filter. A warning light may appear on the dashboard and the car will need mechanical repair. Instead of fitting a new DPF you can simply clean your existing DPF and save money.

Call the garage on 0862266533 for more details or to book in.

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Computer Diagnostics

At Car Centre in Gorey, Co. Wexford we are proud to be able to offer you complete computer diagnostics for your vehicle, and at very reasonable rates. This service is available for a variety of cars and especially more modern vehicles, which generally require computer aided diagnostics for various repairs and faults.

. Electronics health check of your car
. Diagnostics and reset of dashboard errors

 Computer diagnostics from €30

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Car Service

If you are looking for a standard car service or full pre NCT service get in touch with us today, and see what we can offer. Our prices are unbeatable and we have regular special offers. Services start at €99 and some of the action items included are as follows:

  • Oil change
  • Replace oil, air and fuel filter
  • Fluid levels check
  • Visual brake and brake lines check
  • Steering check
  • Visual suspension check
  • Visual tyre check
  • Reset service level indicator
  • Stamp service book
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Air Conditioning

Your Air conditioning specialists! 

90% of all new cars have air conditioning. Make sure you have it serviced regularly. Otherwise, it could break down, consume more fuel or lead to uncomfortable smells in the car.

We would advise you to have the filter changed on an annual basis

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